Why I Won’t Give Up on our Christmas Countdown

For the past three or four years, I rush into December, full of good intentions and plans for 24 straight days of Christmas Countdown activities. We always start out strong – for the first week, we don’t miss a beat! Rocco (our Elf on the Shelf) is bee-bopping all over the place, we have our Christmas advent reading every morning, and we wrap up the day with a fun activity at night.

By week two, I am burnt out and stressed out – have the Christmas cards gone out? No! Is my Christmas shopping done? No! Are the Christmas decorations up? Well, yes (but that’s only because of my secret weapon: Nana!).

Several days will go by before one of my kids will ask, “Hey! What about our Christmas Countdown?” And then I’ll kind of hunch my shoulders and start rummaging through drawers, praying that I’ll stumble across a little craft that will make them happy – but no matter what I find, I’m confident that at least two of my kids will give me the stink eye with that complete awareness that I’m just making this stuff up as I go along.

Knowing this – that I am destined for certain failure, that I just can’t meet the expectations that I set – why do I do it? Why do I try again, year after year? Well, it’s simple. Despite the mistakes of the past, I firmly believe each and every year that I can do it. That it will work. That things will be different.

Is this a naïve and irrational thought? Probably – if you keep doing the same thing, you will most likely get the same result.

So I guess I’m okay with that. For me, the effort is what means the most. And I think that when my kids look back on our holidays many years from now, it is what they will remember most – not that I accomplished everything, but that I always tried. And never gave up.

Besides, despite our “failures” during the Christmas Countdown, we have made lots of amazing memories along the way…

Day 6: Fun matching Christmas pajamas! Will they hate me for this later?


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