When they strikeout…

There is pure joy when your child is up to bat and they square their shoulders and swing with all their might – and you hear the crack of the bat as they connect with the ball! A big hit! A game-winning run! There is so much excitement in little league sports. But how about when they strikeout? How about when they try their best but they swing and they miss? Especially at the end of the game…especially when they wanted to win more anything.

How do you handle it? Well, with my four children, I have learned that they each like to deal with disappointment differently. (That makes it kind of tricky as a parent, huh?) But there is one thing that works with each of them: I don’t rush it. When the game is over, and they are headed my way, I try to let them take the lead. Do they want to talk? I let them speak first. Do they want to just walk? Then I just walk beside them. I try to give them a few minutes to sort through their own emotions before I jump in and try to “rescue” the situation.

Little league sports are a roller coaster of emotions, and I think it’s so important to let your child know that no matter what, win or lose, you are always behind them and are thankful to get to go along for the ride!

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