What’s That?

That’s my toddler’s new favorite question: “What’s that?” If he hears something that he doesn’t instantly recognize, he freezes and looks up at me and asks: “What’s that?” And then he listens as I explain.

The other day, we were at one of his big brother’s baseball games, and while we sat in the stands and cheered on our team, a rumbling roar came from the parking lot. My little guy froze and got as close as he possibly could to me. “What’s that?” he whispered. I looked out across the baseball field and saw a motorcycle circling. “Oh, it’s just a motorcycle,” I explained, right before it roared again. My son grabbed onto me tight. “It’s okay,” I reassured him. “It’s just a motorcycle. It won’t hurt you,” I comforted him.

He still looked a little skeptical, but slowly he moved away from me, picked up his collection of racing cars, and went back to playing happily in the stands beside me. As he played with his cars, I thought about how magical that moment was. He didn’t know what something was — he was actually afraid! — and then he looked to me for the answers and the reassurance. And when I gave it to him, he trustingly accepted my information and was able to relax.

What an important role we have as moms — we are our children’s first teachers — their source of so much information and knowledge. And even as they get older, they look to us to see how to react to things, how to talk about things. We are their first and most important example in this world. What a great responsibility and privilege…and a good reminder that we need to consider what we are teaching them because they are always learning!

I can’t imagine one day I’ll be teaching this car-lover how to drive!

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