The Truth About Thanksgiving

I wanted to give you all a quick update on our #BestThanksgivingYet – I have to say that it did not turn out as planned, but was still pretty awesome!  Here are a few highlights:

  • With all of the rain predicted for Thanksgiving afternoon, we ended up playing our big football game around 10 in the morning (which wasn’t quite the same). And it ended up just being me and my hubby versus my two oldest kids with my brother-in-law (who was his high school QB) as all-time quarterback. Somehow, we still made that a pretty competitive outing (I was sweating so much I counted it as my workout for the day!). The rest of our crew jumped on (or around) the trampoline while my sister looked on – and they had a blast. So, it wasn’t how I pictured but still great!
  • Making a Thanksgiving meal is just endlessly more complicated than I ever imagined – even with a timeline! So we ended up assisting Nana with all the traditional items (which were delicious) and my one “adventurous” contribution was a baked mac and cheese dish (which was a hit if I do say so myself).
  • Oh – and I can’t forget my first pumpkin pie attempt (which was shockingly easier than I expected). I made it the night before and my husband couldn’t resist sneaking a piece when it was still warm (you can tell instantly who cut out this piece of pie by the care taken in slicing ever so neatly!)….

  • We started our gratitude jar tradition – which was actually really sweet — and then ended up being hilarious when my husband began stuffing the jar with notes “from” each of us (i.e. one from my dad, expressing his amazing gratitude for our dog Ranger who never fails to steal one of his gloves or his hat or take off with the one necessary part to whatever thing my dad happens to be fixing). My husband is already thinking up some great “gratitude” for next year!

Overall, I will declare it our #BestThanksgivingYet (and already have more ideas for next year). As always, the lesson I continue to learn in all of this is to be flexible and go with the flow! There are so many things you can’t control (like the weather and how hard cooking a huge meal is) – so the point is to find the beauty (or the humor) in it all…and I think we did that!

So, after a quick sigh of relief, I looked up and it’s already December – which means it’s time for our annual Christmas Countdown. I will give you my detailed plan soon – but let’s just say the goal this year is to actually complete the 24 days of activities! I am awesome at starting but struggle with the finishing (as my oh-so-observant 11 year old likes to point out on occasion). I am more determined than ever to complete our countdown – and I’ll share my tips on that as well! (Sneak peak: one of the main tips is to always have a little back up plan in place!)


Do you do an advent celebration or Christmas countdown with your family?

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