The OVERall Guide to Mastering Motherhood

The first book in the Overwhelmed Mom series is ready for you to purchase!  For only $8+tax,  this book is available as a PDF download and contains over 200 pages of thoughts, tips, and real life struggles (and solutions) for all the different roles we play as moms!  Specifically, it covers the following topics:

Section 1: Motherhood
Section 2: Marriage

Section 3: Memory Makers
Section 4: Meals
Section 5: Managing Your Home and Your Life
Section 6: Maximize your Minutes
Section 7: Making and Maintaining Friendships
Section 8: Making your Life Matter
Section 9: Master Your Mind
Section 10: Makeup and Fashion
Section 11: Money Matters
Section 12: Move It: Fun Fitness

To purchase this PDF document through your “Pay Pal” account, please click on the button below:

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