Super Moms: The Power of a Compliment

It was a Monday, and I’ll be honest: I’m not a big Monday fan. It seems like right as we’re getting used to the whole weekend thing, Monday comes along and ruins it. But, I digress. This particular Monday was not unlike most others: a crazy scramble in the morning to get the big kids off to school, leaving me surrounded with the remnants of a busy weekend (loads of laundry and dishes and a floor begging to be cleaned).

As my husband headed out the door, he mentioned that it would be the perfect morning to take our little guy for a walk. I nodded and smiled as he left, but had no intentions of actually going. There was too much to do. But as I closed the door behind him and felt the cool breeze that meant fall would be here soon, I decided to try and make time for it.

What really changed my mind was the thought of how much my son would love it. He lives for playing outside, and I could just see the smile on his face when I mentioned the word “walk”.

True to form, my toddler grinned and sprinted for his shoes when I told him our plans. We loaded up in the stroller and were on our way. The breeze was blowing and as he snuggled in his blanket, we scooted out of the way of a couple obviously enjoying their morning stroll.

The wife, a sweet woman who reminded me of my own grandma, leaned down and smiled into the stroller. As my son waved hello to her, she told him, “What a good mom you have to take you for a walk this morning…” Then we exchanged a few pleasantries and headed our separate ways.

But as we walked away, I noticed a little pep in my step. My shoulders were a little straighter and I couldn’t stop smiling. “A good mom” she had said. Me? It seemed like such a little thing, but as we rounded the corner for home, I actually started to believe it.

Today, I encourage you to use the power of your words to bless someone — to lift them up. You’ll never know how much a little compliment can do for someone’s day.

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  1. Yes! Our words are so very powerful. You’ll probably remember that one comment for years. What a sweet gift she gave you that morning. I want to live my life in a way that people remember the words I said that gave them a pep in their step 🙂

    • Elizabeth, thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement! I appreciate your thoughts and hope to live my life that way as well…you made my day 🙂