Summer Starts with the Unexpected!

So our first official week of summer did not turn out exactly as I expected.

You’d think I would’ve learned by now to expect the unexpected, but even I wasn’t prepared when my daughter (who hasn’t wanted to do any type of summer camp for the past three years) decided she just had to try a tennis camp some of her friends were doing — and of course it happened to be during the first week of summer.

I wanted to say no, I really did…in fact, I almost did say no. But for a laundry list of reasons, we decided to make it happen.

Of course, the camp was right in the middle of the afternoon (during my the little guy’s nap time) so that made it challenging on some days…but my parents were in town, so that helped out a lot.

Speaking of visitors, my sweet sister and her three boys came into town at the end of week when their school let out. So we had a house full of kids and a hectic schedule — not quite the completely relaxing first week I had envisioned, but probably even better! We made some wonderful memories (including a fun afternoon at a classic arcade) which I wouldn’t trade for anything.


This week, we’re finally having that “do nothing” week I imagined (sort of). The kids still have commitments but we definitely have some margin in our days — and we’ve been forced to spend more time at home since my husband’s car just unexpectedly stopped working.

Oh, well. Maybe one day I’ll learn to expect the unexpected 🙂

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