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Graduation Day – A mother’s worst nightmare comes true. After being separated from her family, Juliet struggles to adjust to her new reality in heaven. She grows more desperate as she can only sit and watch, powerless to intervene as her daughter drifts away. Or has Juliet already helped more than she knows? Graduation Day chronicles this mother and daughter’s quest to make sense of our often-painful world as they cope with the trauma of a family separated too soon and the mystery of what awaits us in the life beyond.

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Emma Thatcher, Story Catcher: Book 1 – A pet rooster, a polar bear dog, and diamonds…Come join Emma Thatcher, Story Catcher on her journey to capture stories from all over the world and learn how these crazy things created the best birthday ever! A collaborative effort by Alana and her daughter Emma – check out this chapter book for early readers!

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  1. Great to get news from Overwhelmed Mom in my email today.
    You are doing great! Keep up the good work!
    I know you are an inspiration to young mom’s everywhere!
    I have left a new email address in this comment section. The other email address is still good as well.
    Love you and your beautiful family,

  2. I read “Graduation Day” and loved it. If you’ve ever lost someone you love, it will inspire you and help bring peace. God’s plans and ways a far above ours and only He sees the whole picture.


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