Our Summer Party (almost) Failed

So we had our big welcome to summer celebration and it was almost an epic fail.

Things started off pretty well…my plan was to do a little something that I knew each kid would enjoy.

My daughter is a big lover of baking and s’mores, so instead of just making the traditional favorites, I found a new recipe for s’mores fudge bars. My daughter loved making these with me and her Nana — and we all loved eating them. Win!



Next, my middle son is currently focused on creating a new breed of super heroes that he plans to sell to DC Comics or Marvel (may the highest bidder win!). He is always asking us to draw one of his newest creations and for this part of our party, I let him give us all assignments on what to draw. He was ecstatic. Score!



Now comes the part that did not go according to plan. For the main part of our celebration, I wanted to take the kids and all the grandparents to Studio Movie Grill for dinner and a viewing of Angry Birds.


All was proceeding nicely until the previews started — while I knew my toddler would love Angry Birds, I forgot that I have no control over what they show before the movie.

Let’s just say he was NOT pleased with the preview choices and before his meal came out, he demanded rather loudly: “I want to go HOME!”

I’m not too proud to admit I quickly pushed my little buzzer and asked them to bring out the dessert immediately. That kept him happy for a few minutes, but once the ice cream was gone, he looked at me and said, “I want to go home.”

So, my dad and I and my little guy ended up walking around a nearby grocery store while the rest of our crew finished the movie.

It wasn’t ideal but I checked an errand off my to do list and my mom and the big kids loved Angry Birds. So there you go.

We wrapped up the evening by letting my oldest son pick between a family basketball game and swimming. He shocked me by picking swimming — but it was the perfect ending to an almost-perfect day 🙂

Here are a couple of things I learned for next year:

– Keep as much as possible a surprise for a couple of reasons. One, everything is just a little bit more fun and exciting if it’s a surprise. Two, if you don’t tell the kids your plans beforehand, they won’t have time to try to change/add to or complain about your ideas. Lesson learned the hard way!

– In years past, I tried to make everyone do everything together, but it worked well this time to just do the baking part with my mom and daughter and let the boys do the taste testing. Everyone was happy!

– Always remember to go with the flow! If something’s not working, try something else. My little guy had a lot of fun helping me look for fruit and birthday cards at the store, even though that wasn’t part of the original plan 🙂

Please share if you’ve had a welcome to summer celebration!

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