One of my life’s great mysteries: laundry

Now I feel bad saying that laundry is the bane of my existence, but it would actually be an understatement. With four kids who either play a lot of sports (which means uniforms and messy practice gear) or just like to get dirty (my little guy can go through at least three outfits in one day), I can’t keep up with the steady stream of dirty clothes that need to be sorted, treated, washed, dried, and then put away in the proper place.

Now, the other problem with laundry is that I feel guilty about despising it so – when you think about it, we are lucky to have the problem of laundry. It means we have clothes to wear and a machine to wash and dry them in (my mom has shared plenty of stories about washboards and having to hang things to line dry). So not only do I stink at stinky clothes, but I feel bad about feeling bad about it…Bottom line: I need to figure out a way to make laundry work in this household.

One of my goals for next month is to completely makeover our laundry process (from where we put our clothes when they’re dirty to how they get folded and distributed). I look forward to sharing my plan with you when I get it all “sorted out” – and in the meantime if you have any secrets to share, I would love to hear them!

I was going to upload a picture of my “laundry mountains” to go along with this post, but instead I wanted to share an image that I took on our family trip to Denver last year for my brother-in-law’s wedding — when I didn’t have to do any laundry at all for three whole days!

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  1. Make the big kids do their own!

    • Yes!!! Over the summer, we got into a great routine with chores (including folding/putting away laundry), but when school started and homework and after school activities made our schedule more hectic, I completely let the “load” of laundry fall all on me! Thank you for that reminder!