Mom’s Night Out – Book Club Style!

So I had the best time last night attending a “Richardson Reads One Book” event as my first meeting with a new book club! (Thanks again, Lindsay, for inviting me!) I had such a fun time — from hearing the author speak, to meeting some new mom friends, to talking about reading and writing — two of my favorite things in the whole world. I’m so glad I went — because it almost didn’t happen…

I had marked the date on my calendar for weeks. All of my children’s practices and games were announced, and by pure luck (or, as I like to believe, because it was a sign), that night remained open. We only had one practice for my daughter, and my husband assured me he could handle carpool and the bedtime routine. But, of course, things didn’t go as planned. Another practice got added at the same time as my daughter’s — but a kind friend offered to bring my son home from that. Then, my husband’s car unexpectedly broke down. Luckily, Lindsay graciously offered to take me to and from our meeting.

I’ll admit — it seemed like having a night to myself wasn’t in the cards. External forces kept coming at me — but my friends and my family worked together and encouraged me to make it happen! One friend said if we waited for the perfect night to do anything for ourselves, we’d be waiting forever. So, I went for it — and I’m so thankful that I did! It was just the right dose of adult conversation, sprinkled with life stories and inquisitive questions, that I needed!

One other note: one of my favorite passages in the book described a young girl (about my little guy’s age) who ate her first ice cream treat while perched on her father’s shoulders…she made a colossal mess, but the parents just enjoyed the sweet moment — which ended up being such a wise choice in light of a tragedy that strikes their family soon thereafter. It was with that in the back of my mind that I decided to let my little guy have an ice cream cone on the way home yesterday evening. He was sad that we didn’t have time to play at the park that evening, and when I mentioned ice cream cone — his eyes lit up. I can’t help smiling whenever I see his excited ice cream experience:

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