Marvelous (Summer) Mondays

Mondays and I haven’t always had the best relationship. In fact (if I’m being completely honest), during the school year, I flat out dread them.

But Mondays have a new life during the summer. I’ve decided to take them over and remake them into days that I actually look forward to…and it’s working!

On Mondays during the summer, I try not to schedule anything. No errands or outside items on our agenda. Instead, I am relaxed with waking up times and meal times and reading times. It’s all very go-with-the-flow.

We use Mondays to talk about the week ahead – what we want to work on, what we have going on, and what we want to take on. We pick something from our bucket list. We talk about our goals. We decide what books we want to read.

Then we go swimming. Or eat a popsicle. Or watch a Rangers game. We just relax and enjoy summer.

Mondays have become our day – and I’m loving them!


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