It All Matters (and other life lessons from the Texas Rangers)

Tired of the daily grind? Think no one really notices if you finish the dishes or the laundry or change another diaper? Feel like all the little stuff is just pointless? Well, I want to encourage you that it all matters.

On Sunday, the Texas Rangers clinched their division after winning the last game of the regular season. As in the very last game of their 162 game season. That means that every single win counted – and every catch (whether it was a routine fly ball or a diving save at third) and every run (whether it was a grand slam or a base hit RBI) mattered.

I wonder if they look back over the season and think, “Wow, if we hadn’t made that two-out rally in the bottom of the ninth way back in May, then we wouldn’t be where we are today.” I bet they do. And I think you should look back and think, “Wow, remember that two month (or two year!) stretch where I had to wake up every morning at 2AM because my baby was still learning to sleep through the night? That was rough, but look at where we are now!”

You did it – and nobody saw it, but it matters. All the little stuff you do adds up…you cook and clean and care for your family because it makes them feel loved and secure. They may not express it to you that way, but it is there, in the foundation of their little beings. All that you have done has helped make them who they are.

And just in case that causes you any anxiety, here’s the flipside (which the Texas Rangers also demonstrated to us throughout their season) – you can still make it all workout even if you make mistakes. The Rangers didn’t win their division completely free of errors – there were plenty of dropped balls and miscommunications. Just like at our house! But they persevered – they pushed through! And now, they are on the way to the play-offs. We can’t wait to cheer them on – go Rangers! And I’m cheering you on — you matter!

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