How to wake up early (from an anti-morning person)

So, every once in a while, I get real honest with myself…I actually own up to the areas where I’m just flat out falling short. And the more I think about it, the more I realize just how important mornings are – and just how much I struggle with them!

I am the complete opposite of a morning person (I think that’s why God gave me a husband who just loves the mornings and wakes up ready to go around 5am, as unbelievable and slightly nauseating as that may be). I, on the other hand, struggle to open my eyes no matter what time it is…it’s not that I don’t look forward to facing the day (4 kids and a rambunctious dog? Bring it on!)…I just really enjoy my sleep!

mom tipsIf you wonder how my husband wakes up so early, it’s because he falls asleep before everyone else! This pic was taken years ago but it still makes me smile…this little one and I caught daddy passing out way early 🙂

Well, I’ve finally accepted that the mornings are a great opportunity that I am completely missing the boat on – and I’ve committed to waking up early every day this month (except on weekends – because, well, that’s just crossing the line…)

So, how’s it going? Well, honestly it was painful at first. But it is getting easier…and here are my 3 keys to waking up early:

  • Use music as your alarm. Before, we used the blaring alarm on my husband’s phone, and I grimaced and hid under the covers every time its shrill beeping shattered our early morning quiet. That jarring alarm did nothing to ease me into the pain of waking up…so I had an idea. On my iPad, I can set an alarm, and I can choose a song as my “awakening noise” – so that’s what I did! I chose a fun song (right now it’s “Come and Get Your Love” from the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”) and I can’t help but smile whenever I start opening my eyes…definitely a much more pleasant way to start the day.
  • Let yourself do something fun first thing. When I first wake up, there is no pressure to workout right away or start writing or even to do a devotional. For the first ten minutes of the day, I can do whatever I want (like play a silly game on my iPad, check in on Facebook, or read a chapter in a book). This helps me ease into that still somewhat painful stage of waking up, and after that gradual phase, I am energized to get purposeful and productive!
  • Place all necessary materials close at hand. Before I go to bed at night, I make sure that all the items I need to use during my morning quiet time are on my nightstand – so there is no excuse that my books or journals or notes are in a different room (which is all the excuse I need in the early morning to put something off until later). Placing these items on a nightstand (or somewhere nearby) can be the little nudge you need to get going!


Waking up early and taking advantage of some quiet time before the chaos of the morning takes over is one way to help me be calm and centered before I try and tackle the day ahead. It also helps me check off one or two items from the to do list – getting me in a good groove for the remainder of the day.

What are your tricks to waking up early?

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