February LOVE Challenge: Week 2

Focus on YOU!

Even though I was planning on saving this part of the challenge until the end of the month, I figured some of us moms might need a little TLC right about now.

Taking care of yourself is never a priority, but it should be. When you feel happy, content, and rested, you bless your whole family.


Here are a few tips for how to show yourself some LOVE this week:


  • Set up a breakfast/lunch/dinner date with a friend who encourages you. I just had the chance to meet with a sweet friend last week, and it’s amazing how much joy that brought me. I could share my thoughts and worries and experiences – and she could relate to so much that is going on in my life. Just having someone that “hears” you and knows what you’re going through gives you confidence and reminds you that you are not alone, sweet mama!
  • Go through your “to read” book pile and pick the one that looks the most interesting to you (not the one you *should* read). Commit to reading the whole thing this month! Perhaps you could have “family reading” time in the afternoons or choose to read before bedtime or when you first wake up. I love reading a good book – it means I always have something to look forward to!
  • Create a soothing evening for yourself after the kids are tucked in…maybe that means trying out a fun new dessert recipe you saw online…maybe that means relaxing in a bubble bath while you read that magazine you’ve been meaning to get to…maybe that means making some hot chocolate and cuddling on the couch with your husband and just talking about the day or watching a show on TV. Savor your night!
  • Make a playlist of your favorite songs to listen to in the car! Have you tried “Spotify” or “Pandora”? They each have their pros and cons, but the bottom line is that they both have an option that lets you listen to free music. I think it’s so much fun to find an old favorite or a new catchy tune – music has a way of lifting your spirits and giving you that little boost of energy to make it through the day!
  • Explore a hobby that you are interested in. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to draw – check out some YouTube videos on different techniques or go to the bookstore and find a book that teaches you the basics. Find a passion and take small steps in making that grow in your life.
  • When you’re shopping for Valentine’s treats for everyone else this week, pick out a little something for yourself. Maybe that’s a new journal or a new set of pens that you’re just dying to have (or is that only me that loves pens?). Happy Valentine’s Day to you 🙂


Now those are things that sound fun to me…but if none of that speaks to you, just spend a few moments thinking about who and what brings you joy – and then brainstorm a few easy ways that you could make some of those things a part of this month. The key is to focus on YOU – even though it’s hard. You deserve it!

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