Make Every Night Date Night!

So my husband and I are pretty much awful at finding time for a regular date night…there are many reasons that contribute to this fact:

– we are pushovers and our kids make us feel guilty for leaving

– we are lazy and find ourselves exhausted by the end of the day

– it is hard to find someone (besides our moms) who is brave enough/crazy enough/crafty enough to watch our 3 monsters kiddos

But I know that we need a regular time to talk (oh how I love to talk!) and just hang out without having to tend to the never-ending demands that little kids have…

So what’s a lazy/tired/pushover couple to do?

Well, we’ve started making every night date night. We get the kids in bed between 7:30 and 8pm — and then comes one of my favorite times of the day!

Steven makes me dessert (am I spoiled or what?) and we sit down and watch a show or two. During commercials or between shows, we chat about whatever is on our mind.

I try not to bring up anything too stressful (like our schedule for the next 5 days or what birthday parties/sporting events he’s responsible for over the weekend) — we try to focus on what happened during our day and major life questions (like how many kids we should have and whether we should move to Hawaii — just kidding, mom!)…

Now, it’s definitely not fancy and the food is typically brownies and ice cream, but it works for us. It’s a time I look forward to — and it helps us reconnect on a daily basis.

Another spin on this idea would be to have a “date night” with yourself!  Say your husband is watching a game on TV that you have no interest in or he has to work late for a meeting or he’s out of town on business — well, schedule that time for yourself.

After the kids are safely tucked away in bed, take a nice, relaxing bath — or read a chapter or two in a new novel — or plot our your goals for the next six months (is it only me that finds that fun?) — do whatever makes you happy!  Enjoy the time!

The goal is to reconnect (either with your husband or with yourself) and renew!

Here’s a picture of our dessert from last night!

Question for you: how could you make every night date night?

Thanks for reading!




Celebrate February with UNCONDITIONAL Love…

Loving someone unconditionally is much harder than it sounds.  We say we truly love someone, but it usually comes with a set of conditions. I’ll love you as long you never_____________ or I’ll love you as long as you _____________.

And if that person, who we are supposed to love unconditionally, makes a mistake or two, it’s really easy for us to hold it against them. That’s loving conditionally. Loving unconditionally remembers the passage from Corinthians that says, “Love is patient, love is kind….love keeps no records of wrong….love believes all things, endures all things….love never fails.” And since we, as human beings, are not perfect, it takes practice to truly love someone unconditionally…but it’s worth the extra effort it takes to not be a person who loves only on certain conditions.

How can you work on this concept with your spouse or child or even a dear friend? (Please share — we need some ideas!!!)