Inconvenience Yourself™ Day

When I first came across this holiday, I realized that it goes along perfectly with our celebration of LOVE this month and serves as a perfect reminder to make an effort to put others first. This unofficial holiday is recognized on the fourth Wednesday in February. To learn more about its history and ideas for how you can make a difference on Wednesday (and every day), check out their website at

P.S. As a mom, I sometimes feel like every day is “Inconvenience Yourself” day! At least on Wednesday, the world can join in with us 🙂

4 Family Valentine Ideas

Here are 4 ideas for Valentine gifts that the whole family can enjoy:

  • Take it outside: purchase a volleyball net, a soccer goal, a kickball set or some other outdoor family game that everyone can participate in
  • Family game night: purchase one or two new board games and a deck of cards to create a weekly tradition
  • Explore your town: consider a family membership to a zoo or aquarium or museum so that your family can enjoy a whole year of learning and having fun
  • In the mail: consider purchasing each person an interest-specific and age-appropriate magazine subscription (either traditional mail or digital!)…again, this stretches the benefits throughout the whole year!



 Exploring the amazing creatures at the aquarium…

Top Tips: Talking With Your Kids

In the wake of the heartbreaking events last week in Connecticut, I struggled with how to talk with my kids about all that had happened. Each of my children is obviously at a different level of maturity and also deals with issues differently. I talked and talked with other moms, and I also read several articles about how to properly handle a subject that no one can really explain. I wanted to share a few of those articles with you as well:

AP News

Healthy Children

ABC News

I found it helpful to read several pieces of advice — some I agreed with, some I didn’t — but it all made me feel more prepared to have these difficult discussions with my children.

Overall, I found what really stood out to me the most was that we really need to listen to our children — not try and explain everything and make promises that we can’t keep. Instead, we need to listen to them and the questions that they have so that we can see what aspect of the issue they need us to address.

Most importantly, I want to try and remember to hug my family and hold them close and appreciate them every day…

I pray for peace and blessing on each of your families as we approach the end of the year and the holiday season…



Friday Finds: October 12

A few fun links I wanted to share with you:

“A Year of Familyness”Check out this neat new challenge from Davina Fear. The first week’s assignment focuses on your marriage!  Love all the ideas and suggestions!

“The Best Chocolate Brownie Recipes”Check out these recipes from Oprah’s website. Brownies are a big hit in our household…not that I eat them every night or anything (just every other night!!!).

“CC Cream” – So I am a HUGE fan of BB cream (which has essentially replaced my foundation and fits in so well with my five minute morning routine!). I was very excited this week to hear about the newest advancement: CC cream (or Color Control cream). Olay is introducing their version of the new product, and I am excited to check it out!  To learn more about CC cream, click here!




Back to School Toolkit!

I came across a free download on the Thriving Family website called the Back to School Toolkit. I found some great stuff in it for the whole family!  The document included helpful tips for back to school preparation and setting up morning and afternoon routines. It also had some conversation starters for when the kids get home from school, as well as some tips for keeping your marriage strong during this hectic season! I enjoyed looking through it and pulling out the portions that were applicable to me and my family!  Neat resource!

To check it out, you can register for their site and the download right here or you can search for “Back to school toolkit” at their site ( and click on the link for the kit.

Hope you enjoy it!


P.S. Because I like to post with a picture, here is a pic I found from our quick beach trip.

Take a moment to stop and relax today! Find some peace in the craziness!



Back 2 School Survival Guide!

It’s back!!!  Lucas has already returned to school (say some prayers, friends!) and the big kids start next week!  We did it — we survived summer!!!  And when I look back on it, I can honestly say that summer was AWESOME!  (Not easy, but wonderful nonetheless!)

As we approach back to school, I came across a really neat “Back 2 School Survival Guide” by the Confident Mom.  To read all about it, click here:

My thoughts:

This guide was well thought out — and well laid out! It addressed the fact that every child is different and there is more than one way to accomplish every goal! It covered a wide variety of topics, from bedtime to homework to packing school lunches.  Although one guide can’t cover every situation, this one did a great job of making you think about most every imaginable aspect of back to school! As a bonus, it provided a nice set of printables for the whole family! Great job, Susan!

Congrats to all you awesome moms for surviving another summer!!!


Create summer goals!

I know, I know — summer is supposed to be relaxing and fun!  I totally agree with that, but I also think it’s good to have some goals for the summer — to keep that “productive spirit” alive and to accomplish some things that you just don’t have time for during the school year.

I found a couple of great links about the topic that I wanted to share with you:

From Inspired to Actiona simple version of setting goals with your kids

From (in)couragesummer bucket lists are just for kids

We’re having fun setting both long-term and short-term goals, and I’m making sure to add in rewards too…like when you learn how to tie your shoes, you get a new pair to practice on!


What are some of your summer goals?

Thanks for reading!


Balboa Baby nursing cover

I would have to say that the hardest part about breastfeeding your newborn, other than the fact that you alone carry that burden, is being out in public.

With my first son, I was always stuck in the back bedroom nursing while everyone else at my house was socializing or sitting in the car while my family ate inside a restaurant.

This time around I’ve gained a little more confidence as a Mom and have decided that as long as I’m covered, I can nurse where I want to!

I’ve recently invested in a nursing cover that I found at Babies ‘R Us called Balboa Baby. So far I’ve really enjoyed using it. It is easy to put on, I can see my son’s head through the top and it really covers all the way around the front and sides of my body. Of course, my biggest concern was the cost, which was about $40…but, so far this has been a great investment!