7 minutes at a time…


The roar of the waves, the warmth of the sunshine…as I look out my window and see snow, the thought of swimsuit season seems so far away. But as I glance at my calendar and realize it is MARCH already (despite what the weather seems to think!), I know that the not-so-fun task of trying on a bathing suit will be here sooner than I think…which means I need to get with it on the “health and exercise” goals I began at the first of the year.

Starting to get in shape again can be such a daunting task. Whether you’re trying to shed post-pregnancy pounds or the result of some holiday indulgence, trying to get back on track can be so overwhelming.

I have had periods in my life where working out was almost fun — something I looked forward to. But lately, I haven’t had the motivation or the energy to take that first step.

So when I discovered the app “7” (by Perigee) in the Apple App Store, I was immediately intrigued. The premise is refreshingly simple: work out for 7 minutes a day for 7 months (that is their challenge).

Even with 4 kids and a dog and a husband (can I count him as my fifth kid?), I can fit 7 minutes into my schedule. And I’ll admit it — I still feel pretty proud of myself after a workout, even if it’s only 7 minutes long. And (even better!), I look forward to doing it again the next day! I’ve found it’s a great reminder that you can reclaim a healthy lifestyle, a few minutes at a time.

The cool part is that you can customize it for your specific needs: you can workout in multiple sets of 7 minutes for a longer workout, you can target specific problem areas (core, upper body, lower body, etc.) or do an overall workout for those of us who are just one big problem area!

This app tracks your workout and rewards you by unlocking new workouts every second month you stick with the program.

In a time when I just needed to begin but didn’t have the motivation to go big quite yet, I was thrilled to find this app as a perfect first step in getting back into shape!

Another bonus: it’s available on multiple platforms and the basic app is free!

An exercise tip from “The Better Mom” blog

My regular workout spot…not too exciting! 🙂

I just read a neat article on “The Better Mom” blog, and I think this concept is so great!

How often does our exercise time get pushed to the bottom of the priority list?  For me, it happens a lot!  I am a big fan of trying to multitask when it makes sense, and the idea of getting in a good workout while the kids are playing at the park is just so perfect for this stage in my life!

Take a look at her post…she even has a free printable that you can use as a reference:

Exercise While Playing Outside With Your Kids

I have not attempted these exercises yet — but I am going to read through them and customize this routine to fit my schedule/abilities!

I would love to know what you think!