I feel silly (and maybe a little embarrassed) to admit this, but Thanksgiving has never been my favorite holiday. Maybe it’s because I am not a big fan of turkey and dressing…or maybe it’s because, growing up, Thanksgiving was the last big holiday standing between us and Christmas.

Whatever the cause, I just have never really gotten into this holiday, but I’ve finally decided that enough is enough! This is a holiday rooted in such a noble cause (giving thanks for all that we have), and it’s time for our family to make the most of it. Our goal: to have the best Thanksgiving yet this year.

This month, I am going to document our journey as we prepare for this epic celebration – from the menu to the décor to the traditions I plan to begin.

Please be warned: as a novice in the kitchen, the thought of actually preparing this whole meal on my own is incredibly intimidating, so I know that will be a huge hurdle to overcome.

Also, I struggle with being “crafty” and my husband has already set our decorating budget at a whopping “nada” – so décor will be a challenge as well.

Now, traditions and making memories are my soft spot, so I know that will be fun – but the pressure to select the activities that will be both memorable and meaningful is high, and I can bet that choosing the best option will prove to be difficult.

So there you have it – my November goal of celebrating the best Thanksgiving yet. It won’t be easy, but it’s going to be worth it!

And if you would like to share any tips on how you make Thanksgiving awesome, I would LOVE to hear them!

thanksgivingFamily fun outside in the yard is a must for any holiday! 

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  1. Yay! I’m excited ! I love Thanksgiving!! Your grandpa Sultemeier made the best dressing ever!! He always cooked the turkey & dressing! Moma made the sides…memories, sweet memories!