#BestThanksgivingYet – The Menu

Planning the Thanksgiving meal can definitely be the most overwhelming part of the holiday, especially for those of us who struggle in the kitchen (ahem). Here is my strategy for a stress-free (ha!) and delicious meal:

1 – Write out the menu
The first step is to figure out exactly what you want to serve. Include family favorites, dishes that you can make easily, and something that sounds good to you! Discuss your plans with a few of the attendees to get their input, if you wish. My planned contributions this year: coconut cream pie dip and graham crackers as appetizer; turkey and waffles for the kids (and me?) for the main course; pumpkin pie for dessert.

2 – Delegate
Everyone is always so kind in asking what they can bring – take them up on their offer! When you have your menu plan ready, select the items that you would like to delegate and be prepared to give a few options to anyone who asks to help out. Having someone bring a cheese and cracker platter or a vegetable tray can be a simple task for your guests and a huge help for you!

3 – List your ingredients
Once you’ve settled on what you’ll be responsible for, gather your recipes and create your shopping list. Plan to go on the Sunday/Monday before Thanksgiving at the latest (if at all possible) for round one of shopping. If you’re anything like me, there will be a round two shopping trip on Tuesday/Wednesday for all the items I missed/didn’t think about during round one!

Me and my number one shopping partner…the little guy doesn’t understand why “Spot” won’t jump in the cart with him!

4 – Create a timeline
One of my biggest struggles in cooking (there are so many that it’s hard to say which is the biggest), is getting everything to stay warm and be prepared at the same time. Knowing this, I plan to come up with a detailed timeline that addresses several issues (What can I cook beforehand? When do I need to get the turkey in the oven? How much time will I need to warm everything up?) – so that I can efficiently and effectively get our Thanksgiving meal on the table!

Well, that’s the plan (in theory)! Decorations are going up, items are being gathered, Nana has set off on round one of our shopping trips…#BestThanksgivingYet is under way 🙂

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