#BestThanksgivingYet – Decor

Continuing with my “simple and sweet” theme for Thanksgiving, I’m excited to work on the decorations. Here are my plans:

1 – Review what I have
It amazes me every year, when I take the time to sort through décor from celebrations past, that I actually do have some good stuff – like the neat leaf-shaped placemats that we found a couple of years ago and a pretty “Give Thanks” banner from a year before that. When I pull out the items I have accumulated, I realize that I am actually well on my way to creating a pretty setting for our time together.

2 – Make use of my children’s crafts
My little guy brought home some cute crafts from his mother’s day out program on Thursday, which lead me to remember that my older three will likely also bring home quite a few Thanksgiving projects. Why not use those to decorate? It will make them proud to see it displayed; the family members who are visiting for the holiday will love to see it; and it is the perfect price (remember my whopping budget of zilch!).

3 – Fresh flowers
Speaking of the budget, I think I have convinced my penny-pinching hubby to agree to one expense for our decorations: fresh flowers. I actually have a great local grocery store that provides beautiful fresh flowers at a reasonable price – and I happen to have a mom who is an expert at arranging! A perfect combo!

With those few simple steps, my décor plans are set! All that is left (which is definitely the most challenging for me) is the menu…more on that soon!

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