Be Each Other’s Biggest Fans

When I was growing up, I didn’t actually realize you could play sports until about fifth grade. (Our family joke is that I was too busy reading to care about much else.) But in fifth grade, I joined a little league basketball team and went on to enjoy playing my favorite sport through my final year in high school. It’s hard to imagine that working now. These days, everything starts much earlier and moves so much more quickly.

We love sports in our family — and most days you will find us at some sort of practice or game. A lot of the time, you will find all six of us — one kiddo playing and the rest of us cheering from the stands. Tonight, I captured a cute moment when my oldest and youngest sons were cheering for their big sister during her softball game. I think it’s so important — not just at a sporting event, but also in all areas of life, for a family to support each other. No matter what endeavor we are undertaking, I always want us to be each other’s biggest fans!

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