Baking with Inspiration!

I was incredibly excited to see that one of my heroes, the Pioneer Woman, has recently launched her own line of cookware and bakeware (and more!) through Walmart. How neat is that? She inspires me because she has become such a tremendous success doing the things that moms do – cook, write, take pictures, and celebrate life! (Though she has this special knack for doing all those things really well!) I am always amazed at the products she comes out with, so I had to run into Walmart today to check it out myself!

Near the front of the bakeware section, she has a whole row of goodies to explore…cookware sets that are not only functional but beautiful as well, several sets of dinnerware that would all look great on my table, and my favorite piece: a mixing bowl that is made up of the Overwhelmed Mom shades of red and blue! I snagged that (because I just couldn’t leave empty-handed) and hope to be back soon for more!

So excited for her – what an inspiration to moms (and women!) everywhere!

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