Baby Steps Still Move You Forward

This morning, my children woke up asking for waffles (I may have mentioned that just happens to be the one item I’ve mastered in the kitchen) — and so I happily obliged. As I prepared to plate my first waffle, I headed into the pantry to get the syrup. And that’s when things started to look bleak. Our syrup bottle was empty! There was literally about three drops left…(note to self: how did syrup not end up on my grocery list???) So I was faced with a dilemma: how to save breakfast? Well, I decided to go for it — my mom has made syrup for her famous pancakes for years; surely I could give it a shot. (Note to self: why had I never learned her recipe?) But no worries — though it was too early to call my sweet mom, the internet never sleeps. I pulled up a simple recipe and voila: homemade waffles and syrup! My kids have never felt so spoiled!

Then, just when I thought my culinary expertise couldn’t be stretched any further, I ran into another dilemma later in the afternoon. My husband was planning to mow our lawn after dinner, and the one thing that he requested was that I pick up a large glass of ice tea for him on the way home from carpool. That seemed like a pretty fair deal, so I kept telling myself not to forget to order the tea, but once I got the children from school and we headed through a quick stop at our favorite Chick fil a, my mind was so full of first grade art projects and third grade field trips and fifth grade drama that I completely forgot the tea. I remembered as soon as I got home — and I knew I needed to figure out a quick solution because I just didn’t want to let my husband down (he was going to be mowing after all!). So, you guessed it — I decided to make the tea myself! And just like that, I successfully knocked out two kitchen challenges in one day!

Now, I know for most of you, making syrup and ice tea are not reasons to celebrate — but for me, it was a good day. Just wanted to encourage you, if you are struggling in an area of “motherhood” right now — don’t forget, even the small steps you take are moving you forward!

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