Summer Schedule (The Reality)

In my last post, I wrote about how helpful it is to have a summer schedule. And, in theory, it is. But some days (some weeks!), reality hits and despite my best efforts, we can't get anywhere near a schedule. Here is how I deal with those days: - … [Read More...]


Summer Schedule (The Plan)

By the time May rolls around, I am beyond ready for summer. I am done with packing snacks and water bottles and making sure everyone remembers their backpacks and shoes (yep, somehow we forgot shoes one day). I am ready for those endless days of … [Read More...]


A Simple Start to Summer

I had big plans for kicking off this summer! Last year, I threw a surprise beginning of summer party for my kiddos and husband with a family game of basketball, volleyball, baseball, a dip in the pool, s'mores, and a night of chasing fireflies. The … [Read More...]


Celebrating…just because

Every once in a while, I think it's fun to celebrate random holidays. I always keep an eye out for a fun and relevant celebration -- for example, earlier this week I learned that Thursday was National Popcorn Day. Now, in the last couple of weeks, … [Read More...]


7 minutes at a time…

The roar of the waves, the warmth of the I look out my window and see snow, the thought of swimsuit season seems so far away. But as I glance at my calendar and realize it is MARCH already (despite what the weather seems to think!), I … [Read More...]


Regretting Resolutions

As I checked the calendar this morning, I was a bit horrified to realize it's already February. More and more, I have accepted the truth that my life is blurring by in weeks and months (except for the hours between 3pm and 5pm which still manage to … [Read More...]


Expect the Challenges

    I am not sure when it finally dawned on me that there is a lot of truth to the phrase "it is ALWAYS something"...I think it was early last year when it seemed like we were hit with one challenge after another. It got to the point … [Read More...]


Resist the Rush

Even when I'm not in a hurry, I feel it all the time...that sense of urgency, mixed with anxiety. I am always rushed. Yesterday, when I had the chance to take my mom out for a rare "girls' day" for lunch and some fun errands, I found myself … [Read More...]


He calls me Dada…

It's been a big month: the first tooth is popping through and the first word has been spoken! In fact, all my little guy wants to say is his first (and favorite!) word: Dada! All day long, he calls me Dada. When I change his diaper, when I feed him, … [Read More...]


The Beauty of Baby Steps

The past several months have been a blur, and many of my personal goals have fallen by the wayside. Now that we are starting to get a routine down (it's not perfect, but we're getting there!), I can finally think about my own pursuits again (like … [Read More...]